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Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. (MLFI)

Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. (MLFI) holds a Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources for Crown Lands in Frontenac, Lanark, Lennox & Addington, and part of Hasting County. The company office is located in the village of Cloyne. Shareholders/partners include 7 sawmills, 12 independent logging companies, and one pulp mill. With the exception of the pulp mill, all shareholder/partners are independent, local, family owned businesses, many of which have been in business for generations, and planning for future generations. Logging and forestry activities date back to the mid 1800’s with the square timber era and later the sawmill industry.

Shareholder/partners are responsible for harvest and access operations, marketing of forest products, and ensuring their operations are carried out in accordance with pertinent legislation and standards. MLFI on behalf of our shareholders is responsible for the following activities:

  • preparing a Forest Management Plan (FMP) every 10 years, with the assistance of a Local Citizens’ Committee. This document outlines projected harvest and renewal activities. MNR also participates in the preparation of the plan and has final authority for plan approval.
  • preparing Forest Operations Prescriptions (FOP) for each operation which describes in detail the planned activities.
  • monitoring all harvest and renewal operations to ensure compliance with the FMP, other legislated requirements, and reporting our observations to MNR.
  • all silviculture activities including tree marking, tree planting and tending.
  • preparing annual reports for approval by MNR which describe our progress in implementing the FMP.
  • Training and educating forest workers in conjunction with shareholder/partners

The Mazinaw-Lanark Forest is comprised of the former Mazinaw and Lanark Crown Forest Units and is the most southerly Crown Forest unit in Ontario. It is located on the edge of the Canadian shield and part of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Forest region. The management unit is approximately 1 million hectares in size of which 306,000 hectares are Crown land.   The productive land base is 190,000 hectares. Annual harvest averages less than 100,000 cubic metres/year. Tolerant hardwoods make up 47% of the harvest, poplar/white birch 24%, white/red pine 25% and other conifers 4%. Forest products include sawlogs, veneer, firewood, and pulpwood. Approximately 2/3 of the volume is low grade or fibre quality material.

Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. is a member and proud supporter of Ontario Wood, Eastern Ontario Model Forest, and Ontario Forest Industries Association, and third party certified with Forest Stewardship Council.

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